Antique 1915-1916 “America First” Novelty Political Pocket Knife Canton Cutlery


Very good overall condition. The blades show some mild scratching, and there is some wear to the stamps. The aluminum case shows some mild scratching and few small spots of patina. Both blades “walk and talk” (open and close) well.


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  • Amazing Antique 1915-1916 Political Pocket Knife
  • Manufactured by the Canton Cutlery Co. of Canton, Ohio
  • 1-1/2″ Blade, 1-1/4″ Blade
  • Aluminum case with matching sides:
  • Patriotic Design with Uncle Sam on the left above crossed sword and rifle
  • Large Scroll Banner center reading: “America First”
  • Liberty Head and Steamship on the right side
  • Case measures approx. 3″
  • Great addition for any collection!

“America First” has gotten a lot of headlines lately as a part of Donald Trump’s White House Policy Names, but few people know that this isn’t the first time the slogan was used.

This knife was a political novelty originating from the democratic party in the 1916 Presidential election Campaign.  The term was used by candidate Woodrow Wilson to appeal to the American’s desire to avoid war in Europe in Mexico.  Remember, World War one was fighting at this time, and this was pre-United States entry.

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