Antique 1880s Victorian Period Hollow Cast Spelter Metal Roman Warrior Statue


  • Very cool Antique Hollow Cast Statue
  • Epic portrayal of a Warrior, appears to be Roman or perhaps Greek mythological
  • The figure on the Shield resembles Mercury more to me than Hermes, which I why I learn Roman.
  • Hollow cast soft metal like spelter with dark bronzed finished
  • Can me mounted to a base, but can stand and display well as is
  • Marked on the inside of his cape, Which I have had trouble making out:
  • appears to be  “Copyright 1886” along with a manufacturer’s name.
  • Underside of the base is marked “660 – I.N.M. – N.Y.”
  • Measures approx. 11″ Tall


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Moderate scratching and scuffing from age, but majority of the original finish remains intact. Small spots of loss present exposing underlying finish layers (ie spot of copper on his neck). Looks like it could have had a base originally. Hole is present on his helmet, unsure if original to the piece. Blade of sword is detached but intact, and could be reattached easily. Displays well


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