Antique 1800s Maine Family Cabinet Card Photo Album 47 Photos Tintypes CDVs


I am pleased to offer this Late Victorian Era Leather Bound Family Cabinet Card Photo Album from Maine! 

This is a beautiful album, containing multi-generational photographs from a family predominantly from Portland, Maine. 

The album contains 25 Cabinet Cards, 17 CDV photos, and 5 Tintypes! 

There are many great baby and young children photographs, along with young adults and the older generation as well.  There are also group photos! 

The album has a squeeze latch for locking on the side that is marked “Pat. June 10.84”. 

Most of the photos were taken by photographers located in Portland, Maine; there are also a few others from different Maine cities/towns.

Album measures approx. 9″ W x 10-3/4″ H x 3″ Thick



This antique album is in good condition, showing some light wear to the leather covers, and some mild wear to the binding (but it still holds strong!). The interior pages show some light wear from the removal/insertion of photos, but overall have great display value. The photos contained within are very good quality, and show some light staining and scratching on a few, not all. The latch on the exterior is missing a small nail, and is held on one side only.


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