Antique 1/9th Plate Union Case w/ 2 Ambrotype Photos Angel “Day, Aurora 1”


  • Nice Antique 1/9th Plate Thermoplastic Union Case
  • Listed as “Day, Aurora 1” in Berg, 1-143 [scarce]
  • Interior holds 2 ambrotypes:
  • Left: Handsome young gent, clear glass. Interesting note: I believe it to be a picture OF a picture, as a preserver is actually in the photos on the edges of the glass.
  • Right: Spiffy young man, slightly tinted cheeks, tie and table cloth.  Ruby glass.
  • Great addition to your collection!


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Good overall condition. The case shows some mild chipping along the edges, and a large chip bear the clasp, rendering the clasp inoperable. The ambrotypes are in good shape, showing some light dust and some light patina to the brass.


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