Antique 1/9 Plate Ambrotype Photo Man Who Resembles a Werewolf in Human form


  • Nice Ambrotype Photo
  • ahhh-woooooooooo!
  • Comes with period brass mat, preserver
  • Geometric half case
  • approx. 1/9th plate
  • Great addition to any collection! 

Note: This is 100% an Ambrotype. I very much know the difference so no need to worry.  Also: This was scanned, so any obvious rainbow or multi-colors you see on the brass or in shadow is from the light.


SKU: 64254 Category: Photography


Nice overall condition. Image shows some minor spots of wear and minimal loss. Black backing sheet has some scratching. Brass mat and preserver show moderate patina. Half case is worn.


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