Antique 1/6th Plate Daguerreotype Photograph – Elderly Woman in Lace Bonnet


  • Nice Antique Daguerreotype Photograph
  • an Elderly woman (for the time period) smirks for her portrait
  • She is wearing a lovely white lace bonnet and has a gilt accented pin on her neck
  • Plate has a Scovill Stamp
  • Period brass oval mat, replaced glass, and period brass perserver
  • Leather/wood Floral case with red velvet geometric interior pad
  • 1/6th Plate
  • Great addition to your collection!



Unsealed example. shows some moderate mat abrasions along the edge and underneath the mat. Image shows some mild tarnishing along the oval. A couple of very small scratches on the image, but does not appear to have been abused.Brass mat shows some spotty oxidation. Glass has been previously replaced. Case show moderate wear to the exterior .


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