Antique 1/6th Plate Critchlow Thermoplastic Geometric Union Case w/ Ambrotype


I am pleased to offer this Antique A.P. Critchlow 1/6th Thermoplastic Geometric Union Case! 

This wonderful case is rich black thermoplastic with an elegant geometric pattern on both sides.  T

he case has its original manufacturer’s label :

“A.P. Critchlow & Co. Manufacturers of Daguerreotype Cases.  A.P.C. & Co. Are the original inventors of the composition for the Union case-so called, including all the various shades of color and fineness of texture peculiar to their manufacture and of the embracing riveted hinges, thus securing them from breaking out as do others that are inserted with or without a metal brace.  Hinge patented Oct. 14, 1856.”

The case contains 1 red glass ambrotype photograph of a little boy and very early tintype of a sleeping-possibly post mortem baby.

Case Measures approx. 3-3/4″ H x 3-1/2″ W x 1″ Thick



These antique photographs are in good condition, showing some light wear and light coloration to the gold frames. The tintype has a dark contrast. The union case shows some light dust and staining from age, and a few small chips along the edges and corners.


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