Antique 1/6th Plate Clear Glass Ambrotype Silver Fox Gentleman Portrait


  • Very Nice Antique c. late 1850s Clear glass Ambrotype
  • Subject: an older smirking Gentleman
  • Nice Original Period Brass mat preserver and glass
  • Original black backing was missing, So I added an antique recessed black back plate which adds a slight depth
  • Leather Half case with Floral Motif
  • 1/6th Plate size
  • Great addition to your collection!


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Very good overall condition. The Image shows some light fading, but overall remains clear and displays quite nicely. I added a period recessed black plate which gives the photo a slight three dimensional depth. The original black backing was missing. The brass mat and preserver shows minor patina and some light dust on the glass. The half case shows some light edge wear.


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