Antique 1/6th Plate Clear Glass Ambrotype Photo Married Man w/ Unamused Wife


  • Antique Mid- 19th Century Clear Glass Ambrotype
  • Subject: Content Man smirks while sitting with his wife, whose slightly cocked head and irritable expression conveys she’s had just about enough of his “Hey! Let’s go get a photograph” shenanigans
  • Nice Original Period Brass mat preserver and glass
  • Partial half case
  • 1/6th Plate size
  • Great addition to your collection!


SKU: 60113 Category: Photography


Fair overall condition. Image shows evidence of a previous attempted cleaning-faint vertical brush marks in the emulsion but remains intact. Light dust on/inside the glass. The brass mat and preserver show some light patina, and the preserver is fairly bent up on the top-left corner. Half case shows moderate edge wear


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