Antique 1/4 Plate Outdoor Ambrotype Photo Stagecoach Town Street w/ Union Case



  • Beautiful c. late 1850s-1860s era Ambrotype Photo
  • Shot shows a small town street and what appears to be some kind of boarding house, with people sitting by the side door.  In front on the street is a 4-horse stagecoach being loaded with luggage.
  • Very Nice 1/4 Plate Black Thermoplastic Union Case
  • “General Marion’s Invitation to Dinner”, Listed Berg 1-23
  • Manufactured by Littlefield, Parsons, and Co.-1857-1866
  • Great addition to your collection!





Good overall condition. The photograph itself shows some moderate speckled staining across the image, and some heavier damage on the bottom left corner-covered by the brass mat. Subject is still clear and visible. The case shows some minor scratching throughout and light chipping along the edges. Great display condition. The interior has a slightly worn green velvet cushion, original brass hinges that work well but are fairly loose. The clasps do hold the case shut, but take a little finesse due to the loose hinges.


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