Antique 1/4 Plate Clear Glass Ambrotype Photograph Mother w/ Restless Children


  • Nice Antique Image of a Mother and her young.
  • The lovely lady sits center with a child in each arm.  You can see their faces blurred from movement….every parent, up to this very day, still deals with this lol.
  • Held unsealed in a nice period brass mat and preserver, cover glass.
  • Comes in a geometric pattern leatherette case
  • 1/4 Plate size case & image
  • Displays quite nicely.




The image shows moderate mat abrasions and some patina from age. I don’t see any abuse to the emulsion, however there is a chip (about 1/2″) to the glass plate on the bottom (covered by mat). The lacquer on the back is heavily crazed. The brass mat and preserver show moderate patina and wear, but display well. The cover glass appears replaced. The case looks to have had some restoration done, but displays well.


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