Antique 1/2 Plate Clear Glass Ambrotype Photograph Bearded Man Young Girl Case



  • Lovely 1/2 Plate Ambrotype Photograph: Man with extensive bear sits with Young girl with long curled hair, brightly hand tinted cheeks & belt
  • 1/2 Plate Thermoplastic Union Case w/ Ambrotype Photograph
  • “American Country Life 1” Case, Listed  Berg 1-11
  • Original Manufacturer’s Label remains in case-Littlefield, Parsons & Co.
  • Photograph remains in ornate brass mat, protector, and cover glass. 
  • A great larger ambrotype for your collection!


SKU: 59063 Category: Photography


Union Case: There is moderate small chipping along the edges, and the Lid with the scene is slightly warped. There is a large chip on the bottom half of the case corner. The hinges are loose a need some TLC. The original interior velvet pad is missing. Ambrotype: showing some minor scratching and dust form age. The black lacquer on the back has chipped a little, and could use some small touch ups.


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