Antique 1/2 Plate Ambrotype Photograph Girls & Boy Squeezebox Accordion


  • Great Antique Photograph
  • Size: 1/2 plate 
  • Type: Clear Glass Ambrotype with lacquered back, Original sealing tape still trying to hold on.  Brass mat, preserver and protective glass.
  • Subject Photo: 3 Young siblings, who don’t look quite thrilled about the photograph, pose together.  The little girl, making a timeless child photograph expression, holds what looks like a child’s accordion in her lap.
  • Nice Addition to Any Photograph Collection!


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Great overall condition. Image remains partially sealed in original tape, however it is loosing rapidly and has allowed some dust and particles to get inside. Because it is still somewhat holding, I did not remove it to clean the glass (but would be an easy task for someone familiar with the process). Lacquer on the back is crazed in parts. Brass mat and preserver show mild patina. Displays well.


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