5 1/6th Thermoplastic Antique Photograph Union Cases Patriotic Civil War Motif


  • Great Collection of Patriotic Union Cases!
  • All Cases are 1/6th Plate in size
  • Liberty 1: Berg 1-66,Brown. Some moderate exterior/interior wear. Hinges operable and Claps Working.
  • Constitution and the Laws: Berg 1-56, Brown. Light exterior wear, interior missing label. Hinges a bit loose on lid but operable, clasp is not functional. 
  • Shield, Cannons and Flag: Berg 1-50, Brown. Light Exterior wear.  Hinges operable and clasp working. Paper label intact with some discoloration and modern writing.
  • Eagle and Flag: Berg 1-55, Brown.  Light exterior wear. Hinges operable and clasp is functioning. Interior Pad is loose but in good shape, label intact.
  • Eagle and Flag: Berg 1-55, Black with 3-188 Geometric Back. Moderate exterior wear. Hinge have ply but operable, clasp functioning.  Interior Pad and label intact.
  • Nice set addition to any Case Collection!

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Cases in Good to Very Good Condition. See listing description for full details for each case


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