4 Rare Antique 1920s Meriden B Co. Silverplate Ashtrays Comic Strip Golfer & Dog


I am pleased to offer this Set of 4 Antique 1920s Meriden B Co. International Silverplate Ashtrays!  These rare ashtrays are a matching set of comics, showing panels 1-4. 

The first panel shows an old frustrated golfer agonizing over his ball landing in the sand trap (in the background, the dog looks on curiously).

The second shows the man grumpily lining up to try and get his ball out, while the dog eagerly spins his tail while looking at the ball.

The third shows the dog kicking the ball out of the sand pit as the old man drops his pipe and golf club in surprise.

The fourth panel shows the old man grinning and dog smiling as the man shakes the dog’s paw in thanks.

Each panel has the same artist signature, but I could not identify it. (see close up photo)

Each ashtray has the Meriden B Co. International Silver Mark, with pattern # 4415.

Measure approx. 4″ x 4″ x 3/8″ H


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These Antique ashtrays are in very good condition for their age. Each ashtray shows mild scratching, but each appears to have not been used as an ashtray (no burn marks or wear from smoke). There is very mild tarnish in the corners and on the undersides.


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