22 Pix Vintage Souvenir Photo Folder Seattle Washington


Fabulous vintage set of 22 souvenir photos from Washington state. These photos are very nice, they look like litho postcards, but are all connected. They are printed on each side and fold up accordion style. These photos have the same “look” as linen postcards.

What makes this set unique, is there are a couple typos, “Interlakin Boulevard” should be “Interlaken Boulevard” and “King’s County Courthouse” should be “King County Courthouse”. Each postcard measures 6″ x 4″. A listing of the photos follows-

Union Bay and Lake Washington, Seattle

Interlakin Boulevard, Seattle

Post Office and Federal Building, Seattle

King’s County Courthouse, Seattle

Roman Catholic Church Cathedral, Seattle

Central Building, Seattle

Mt. Baker, Washington

American Bank and Empire Blocks and Alaska Building, Seattle

Moonlight on Puget Sound, Washington

Felling Timber, Washington (logging photo)

A Washington Big Stick (logging photo)

Administration Building, University of Washington, Seattle

The “Pass” Cascade Mountains, Washington

Mt. Rainier, Washington

Residence Street on Capitol Hill, Seattle

Snoqualmie Falls, Washington

US Battleship at Navy Yard, Bremerton, WA

Totem Pole at Pioneer Square, Seattle

King Street Station, Seattle

Madison Park, Seattle

First Ave Looking North, Seattle

Pike Street Looking East, Seattle

Waterfront, Seattle

Upper Second Ave., Seattle

Set is in good condition and shows very little wear, some discoloration on flap and photo closest to it, 1 photo partially torn from others (torn at seam in between photos),  small light pink colored stains on the corner of a few photos.

Overall, this is a fantastic set, especially for anyone who lives in Washington state… it is very fun to see what popular Washington locations used to look like!



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