2 Vintage Hubley Kiddie Toy Diecast P-40 Warhawk Plane Toys Camouflage Circus


  • Awesome pair of Vintage Hubley Kiddie Toy Planes
  • Both are P-40 Warhawks.  One has military camo paint and the other has the flying circus red/yellow paint
  • Wings and landing gear can be detached via mounting screw
  • Both have approx. 8″ Wingspans and are approx. 7-3/8″ Long
  • Great addition to any collection!


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Good overall condition. The camo p-40 has some mild scratching and light paint loss, left-side tail is slightly bent. Circus P-40 has a bit more moderate paint loss . Both have original landing gear. Display well, and pair great with the larger Kiddie Toy planes.


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