2 Vintage Horsehair Brushes Very Large Agate Hardstone Bovine Bone 15″


I am pleased to offer these 2 Antique Large Chinese Calligraphy Brushes! This beautiful pair of brushes are very luxurious! 

The handles have craved bovine bone caps flanking a series of Cherry Red Stone Beads. 

The beads (very large), appear to be a mixture of types of polished granite, agate, and other hardstone. 

One brush has more cylindrical beads, and the other brush has more oval shaped beads.

Each brush has horsehair bristles that are remarkably soft and in great shape.  Both brushes have a wonderful cold temperature when grabbed.

Measure approx. 15-3/4″ L & 16-3/4″ L



These antique calligraphy brushes are in good condition, showing moderate scratching and some mild discoloration to the bone from age. Each is ready to use! These would be great flare for calligraphy, or even a painter!


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