2 Antique 1/9th Plate Daguerreotype Photos Victorian Women w/ Full Union Cases


  • Nice Pair of Daguerreotypes
  • Unrelated 1/9th Plates
  • 1st: Young Lady with padding wings hair style and large bow on her white collar sits with her arm resting on the edge of a small table.  Nicely painted studio backdrop of what looks to be a church in the countryside.  Non-pariel brass mat with dotted accent, textured brass preserver.  Replaced glass.
  • The plate has a nice hallmark stamp, “wreath Man Portrait”  dating c. 1855-61
  • Black Thermoplastic Geometric Union Case with Critchlow Label intact.


  • 2nd Dag: Middle aged Woman with Padding Wings sits in a lovely dress with her arm resting on a table.  Ornate brass non-pariel mat with textured preserver, replaced glass.
  • Brown Thermoplastic Geometric Union case with Peck/Halverson Label intact.
  • Nice additions to your collection!



Young Woman Dag: Unsealed. Mild mat abrasions hidden underneath the mat, predominately top left corner. Deep Tarnish along the mat edges, as well as underneath the mat. Very little wear to the subject, but there is some light scratching. Glass replaced, light dust interior.Older Woman Dag: Unsealed. Some small mat abrasions hidden but the mat. few small spots of copper corrosion on the top right of the visible image. Some spotting and light dust present as well. Glass replaced, not sure on the mat/preserver.Cases: Mild Chipping along the exterior edges of both cases. Hinges and clasps are intact on both and in good shape. Both interior velvet pads are worn on down.


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