2 Ambrotype Photographs 1/9th Plate in Family Party Thermoplastic Union Case


  • Very Nice antique Thermoplastic Union Case
  • Double-Ninth Plate Size, Holds 2 1/9th Plate Photos
  • Listed as “A Family Party” 1-49 Berg, rated “Scarce”
  • Manufactured by Littlefield, Parsons & Co.
  • Purple Velvet Interior Pad w/ Victorian Pattern
  • Includes 2 Ambrotypes:
  • Relievo Ambrotype of Young Man,-New White Paper Backing added by myself as it was missing
  • Lightly tinted ambrotype of a young woman, lovely haloing around head
  • Lovely piece for your collection!



Very good overall condition. The case is in great shape, showing some very light chipping along the edges and a couple of small cracks near the clasps and hinges. The velvet interior pad shows some light discoloration along the edges. The included ambrotypes show some light scratching and minor patina from age. I also put a new piece of white backing paper on the relievo to make it pop more-old piece was stained and lost its effect


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