1969 Old Fitzgerald Prime Bourbon Whiskey Memphis TN Sesquicentennial Decanter


  • Nice Vintage Old Fitzgerald Decanter
  • Released Commemorating the Memphis, Tennessee Sesquicentennial (150 years) 
  • Great Artwork of history, including the Civil War
  • I left the partial tax stamps and labels on the decanter as I prefer that look, but one could easily clean them off for a more “polished” display
  • Cork on the stopper needs replaced.
  • Measures approx.10″ Tall w/ stopper.
  • Great addition to your collection!



Good overall condition. Original Labels and tax stamps have been left partially intact on the decanter, which can be left for effect or cleaned off (I leave this to you, I prefer items as untouched as possible). Decanter is empty, and the cork on the stopper is worn and broken. Artwork remains vibrant and the piece displays nicely.


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