1950’s Vintage Mizuno Japanese Electromobile Tin Taxi Battery Operated Toy Car


  • 1950’s
  •  I am pleased tooffer this Vintage Japanese Tin Taxi Battery Operated Toy. 
  • This toy is well detailed and in great condition including all 4 rims with rubber tires. 
  • Bottom is stamped with Electromobile and has the Mizuno maker’s mark. 
  • Made in Japan. 
  • Measures 8.5″ long. 


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The litho is bright and paint shows minimal scratches from play wear. This toy performs 5 separate actions: the red light on top flashes, headlights flash, knob on hood controls front wheel steering and rear wheels turn. I have tested the mechanical function and although the motor turns fine, it is not connecting with the wheels. With some adjustments I believe this could be fixed. Appears the motor rest directly on the tire to make them turn and just needs to be reset or placed inside the car. I also tested the lights which are in working order but sometimes I have had to adjust the bulb for them to make for them to brighten.


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