1921 Ham & Sam “The Minstrel Team” Tin Band Toy Strauss Black Americana Wind Up


I am pleased to offer this Antique 1921 Ferdinand Strauss Ham & Sam “The Minstrel Team” Tin Toy Wind-Up! 

This fantastic example of early Black Americana toys features a colorful tin lithographed piano, and two lithographed characters (Ham and Sam).

There is a built-in wind mechanism on the piano, as well as a start/stop switch. 

When the toy is wound up (and switched to start) the piano player will move back and forth as the banjo player taps up and down simulating playing/dancing.

The toy is marked on the back “The Ferdinand Strauss Corporation, New York, USA, Patented by UAM Co. Oct. 1921 Other patents pending”. 

Measurements: approx. 6-1/2″ inches long x 5-1/2″ inches tall x 3″ inches in depth; banjo figure 7-1/2″ inches tall; pianist 5″ inches tall. 



This Ham and Sam wind up toy is in good condition for its age. The piano shows some mild scratching along the edges, with notable large scratches along to the top edge and near the pianist’s legs. Both characters also show mild scratching, predominantly near the joints and a few other areas affected from movement. Very mild oxidation is present on areas of paint loss, and there is heavier oxidation on the interiors of the pieces. All tabs appear to be present and unbent. Windup tested and is working, moving both characters about as intended. Occasionally the gears will stick and need a nudge. Start/stop switch is also functioning.


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