1906 Photograph US Army 2nd Infantry Co. B Camp Stotsenberg Philippines


I am pleased to offer this Antique 1906 Group Photo at the U.S. Army Camp, Stotsenburg, Phillippine Islands.

This is an antique photo taken in 1906, which includes 6 men at Camp Stotsenburg. One man is sitting and the rest standing inside the camp quarters. There are beds lined up, pillows, jackets and belongings behind them. T

he image features a gun rack with at least 3 guns visible. The photo is pasted onto a cardboard frame; on the back of it writes, “1906 Co B., 2nd Inf. US Army Camp Statslenberg Philippine Islands.” It appears the name of the camp is misspelled. Some marks present from age.

The camp was named after Colonel John M. Stotsenburg, who who was killed while leading his regiment in action in the Philippines in1899.

Measurements: approx. 6-3/4″ inches long x 5-3/4″ inches wide.


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Mild silvering present along the edges and darker areas. Stain spot on the man next to the rifle case. Card shows some mild soiling and light edge wear. Overall displays well.


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