1904 St Louis World’s Fair Swedish Homestd Framed Print


A rare print from the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.  This print features visitors to the fair strolling in front of the Swedish Homestead Pavilion with the Swedish Flag flying above. 

The top of the print features the likenesses of King Oscar II, King Of Sweden and Norway, and U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt. 

Bottom of the print is marked “The Swedish Homestead, St. Louis World’s Fair 1904” in both English and Swedish. 

This print measures approximately 14″ X 19″ and is held in a unique vintage hand crafted frame. 

The glass and wood frame measures 20 1/2″ X 25 1/2″ and has a textured mahogany-red and gold finish with a wire hanger and primitive back with nails.

This print is in good condition with bright coloring and showing no tears or major damage.  There is some spotting along the edge but otherwise nice.  I have not removed the print from the frame for closer inspection.  The frame is intact showing some small chips and scratches around the edges.  Glass fits loosely in frame but has no cracks or chips.  Back of frame shows wear with loss of one of the corner guard pieces.  This rare piece displays very well and would make a unique addition to any collection.



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