1865 Maj. General James Ricketts Civil War Albumen Photo D.C. Large w/ Tax Stamp

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  • Original Photograph of the legendary Major General James Brewerton Ricketts.
  • This studio photograph (albumen print) captures the U.S. General in July, 1865 Washington D.C.  Not to long after the last Confederate Troops had surrendered.
  • Ricketts saw combat in the Mexican-American War and the Civil War, and was engaged in 27 battles throughout the course of his career. He was shot four times in the Battle of Bull Run, captured and taken to the POW Camp in Richmond for six months, was severely injured at the Battle of Antietam, and suffered a crippling wound when a Minié ball pierced his chest at the Battle of Cedar Creek.
  • Ricketts had a distinguished military career marked by outstanding bravery, and he is featured in this photograph wearing his full dress uniform with two stars on the shoulders and what appears to be the 6th Corps Cross on his left breast
  • This photograph was taken by John Goldin in Washington, D.C.
  • There is period 5-Cent first edition Tax Revenue stamp affixed on the back, with a faded Cancellation by Goldin on July 1, 1865.
  • The back of the photograph also has original handwriting.
  • It came stored in an antique gold Wood & Gesso frame with an ornate design and heavy matting.
  • The photograph is oval-shaped and measures 7-7/8″ tall by 5-7/8″ at its widest point.
  • The frame measures 11-1/2″ wide by 13″ tall.

Can be shipped without the frame with discounted shipping rate if desired!




Slight natural silvering is visible in the darker areas. It shows some wear from storage and display including brown, cracking paper attached to the wood on the back of the frame. The wooden frame shows some wear including some chipping at lower right corner, lower left side, and upper right side. Frame has been augmented with new Steel brackets on the back. Despite the spots of wear, the frame has great antique display quality.


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