1/6th Plate Tintype Photo Full Emotional Spectrum 3 Women in Row Boat


  • Very interesting Antique 1/6th Plate Tintype Photograph
  • a young girl and two women pose in the end of a rowboat
  • The young girl does not look amused at all.  The woman in the center looks like she’s having a great time.  The very intimidating woman on the end is stoic.  
  • The tintype is behind glass and held in a brass preserver.
  • The photo comes with a period half-case wall frame with handing loop on the top
  • Great addition to your collection.



SKU: 60305 Category: Photography Tags: 1800s, antique, Photography, Tintype, Victorian


Very good overall condition. Very light scratching and minor dust from age. Case frame shows moderate edge wear and a loose inner lining, right side backing loose from the frame. Displays nicely!


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