1/4 Plate Thermoplastic Union Case Capture of Major Andre w/ Ambrotype Photo


I am pleased to offer this Antique 1/4 Plate Thermoplastic case! 

The case is brown thermoplastic and features the Capture of Major Andre on the lid.  The back of the case has a very rare geometric pattern. 

The interior of the case holds a beautiful royal purple velvet pillow, and retains the original manufacturer’s print: “Genuine Union Case, Improved.  Fine Gilt and Burnished Hinge. S. Peck’s Patent Oct. 3rd. 1854,  H. Halverson’s Patent Aug. 7th. 1855, assigned to S. Peck.”

The case holds a 1/4 plate hand-tinted ambrotype photograph of a young man wearing a large bowtie.  The photo is on clear glass, and is encased in a period ornate Oval brass mat & protector.

Photo is approx. 1/4 plate, Case measures approx. 4-7/8″ W x 4″ H x 7/8″ Thick



The brown color remains rich, and there is very light scratching to the exterior. The edges show some small-to-medium size chips, and there is a small chip on the opening side of the case. The ambrotype shows some light dust .


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