1/2 Plate Tintype Photograph 3 Young Sisters Gilt Jewelry


  • Great Antique Photograph
  • Size: 1/2 plate 
  • Type: Ferreotype aka Tintype with brass mat and preserver
  • Subject Photo: Three young sisters posing together, the smallest in the center on a stool.  Each of them have gilt accented necklaces and rings. Great view of the little one’s shoes.
  • Nice Addition to Any Photograph Collection!


SKU: 64601 Category: Photography Tags: 1800s, antique, Photography, Tintype, Victorian


Good overall condition. Light scratching and some light wear on the emulsion. notable are a few deep scratches on the oldest girls face (perhaps by a hated sibling?). Brass mat and preserver show moderate patina. Displays well.


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