1/2 Half Plate Daguerreotype Photograph 3 Generations of Women Antique Large


  • Very cool Large Daguerreotype Photograph
  • Striking Generational image of 6 women, all with very distinguished matching facial features (particularly the nose).  Perhaps 3 sisters with their respective daughters.
  • The 4 women on the right side of the image all have very large cameo brooch pins.
  • Attire and style suggests 1850s, perhaps towards the later half.
  • Image is no longer sealed but most of the tape remains in place.
  • Partial A. Gaudin Plate stamp on the top right (hidden by mat).
  • Comes with brass mat, preserver and protective glass. No Case
  • 1/2 Plate in size, approx. 5-1/2″ x 4-1/4″
  • Great addition to any Collection!



Nice overall condition. Image shows some spots of discoloration and some mild tarnish along the mat edges. Most of the original sealing tape is intact but is not sealing the image to the glass. Mat and preserver show some mild patina from age. Displays well!


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