Antique Will & Finck Riverboat Gambler’s Push Dagger


  • Desirable Antique Mid-1800s Will & Finck Riverboat Gambler’s Engraved Boot Knife
  • The Double-edged blade features an engraved steamboat on one side and engraved Spades & Clubs on the other (A Poker Player’s Dream!).
  • Just up from the last club is  “Will & Finck SF. Cal”
  • The handle is a beautiful curved piece of staghorn with metal capped ends.
  • The item comes with its original leather and what appears to be a buckskin sheath
  • Will & Finck (active 1864-1932) were considered the leading business in their class, and the years 1964-1880 are considered the firm’s significant years of production.  They were known for producing many gambling-related items, from beautiful card dealing boxes to cheating devices.  Comically, producing cheating devices and weaponry for gamblers seems a great way to corner the market!
  • These daggers were favored by gamblers as they were easily concealable, lightweight, and could be quickly lethal if a situation arose.
  • The dagger is in great condition, showing some mild darkening to the blade and mild scratching. The handle is very slightly loose. The original leather sheath shows light wear to the leather common with age.
  • The dagger measures approx. 5-3/4″ Long with a 3-7/8″ W Handle.  Measures approx. 6″ Long w/ sheath.